Irish Writing Services provides a range of essay, thesis and dissertation help in Ireland for college students. We offer expert advice, and proofreading and editing services, to students at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels. We can help by expertly proofreading your thesis; editing and formatting your work, or helping you with research. Please note that by ‘essay writing services’ we do not mean that we write essays for students. Providing such help was recently made illegal in Ireland.

Professional thesis proofreading in Ireland is relatively rare. Most theses are not proofread. When they are, it is often by someone who is not up to the job. The problem with some thesis proofreading services in Ireland is that they regard the task as somehow superficial. Many of them employ very young graduates with Master’s or PhDs, which can sound impressive if you are unfamiliar with academia. The problem is, they are not professional writers and are therefore lacking in the skills that only many years of practice can bring. So what happens if you employ one of these editors? Many issues that need to be addressed in your thesis as a matter of urgency are likely to be overlooked.

The services they provide are, often, very cheap. But even though they seem to offer irresistibly good value, in reality they give you poor value for money.

We have not only more than 25 years’ experience in professional writing – but also in-depth experience across a wide range of academic topics. They include American literature; data analysis; disabilities in the workplace; construction waste management; nutrition; banking; postnatal depression; daily deals websites; home economics education; midwifery; customer loyalty; occupational therapy; obesity; psychiatric nursing; emotional intelligence; autism spectrum disorder among primary school students; the Irish hospitality industry; seniors tourism; and the importance of self-care in psychotherapy.

We have provided thesis help at Masters/Ph.D. levels in relation to subject-matter such as shopping behaviour; learning skills and theories; the use of Revit in architecture; mental health workers; military hardware; data mining; deductive reasoning; psychotherapy; international banking; algorithms; hotel room rates; child well-being; construction labour productivity; dentistry; insurance; food banks; school self-evaluation; cryptocurrencies; creativity-based learning; mature students; Corporate Social Responsibility; parental mental health; the GAA; the use of drones in journalism; corporate diversity; and branding in the real estate business.

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