We offer a broad range of corporate services to Irish businesses. Our work is based on 30 years’ experience in journalism, news and feature writing and corporate writing. It includes writing, editing and rewriting press releases, as well as delivering content for commercial submissions, reports, websites and brochures.

Examples of our business writing services include speechwriting for an Irish Government Minister; speeches for shareholders’ meetings; programme writing for a Dublin theatre; press releases for an Irish start-up company; and commercial submissions for engineers and management consultants.

Whether you need a ghostwriter or just a fresh pair of eyes, our service guarantees excellence and attention to detail.

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The main aim of our advice is to help to eliminate any barriers between the reader and what the writer wants to convey. We identify and point out any issues in the writing. These issues take many forms. Typically, we make dozens of suggested changes for every page we analyse. Where there are tables or illustrations, we check that the information they present is consistent with the text. We suggest specific ways in which the client can make further improvements to the text.

There is always a significant difference between the writing we receive from clients and our completed version. Our skill lies in seeing what clients are trying to say, and helping them to say it better.